blockchain for social impact



Do you want to learn how to use blockchain to create sustainable social impact? Would you like to find out whether there is a business case for you to develop your own blockchain application?

While blockchain has the potential to dramatically accelerate a transition to sustainability, the main constraints to solving environmental and social problems often have less to do with technology and more to do with social, political and economic circumstances. This means that any attempt to apply blockchain for social impact needs to take into account the constraints that exist in the wider social, political and economic context, and how these constraints can be removed.

An approach that relates the technical possibilities to the wider social, political and economic context is therefore essential for the success of any blockchain initiative that is aiming for sustainable social impact.  At Adaptify we are able to provide such an integrated approach by combining knowledge and expertise on blockchain technology with high-quality, objective analysis of the political economy of sustainability, backed up by an extensive network that includes blockchain technicians, and social impact & sustainability professionals from all over the world.

We offer incompany trainings and advice to help you and your team to quickly understand how blockchain can be used for transformational change. We can help you to  assess the extent to which the increasing use of blockchain poses a risk of disrupting your current activities; and we can help you to decide whether there is a business case for integrating blockchain technology into your current activities and future business strategy. And if required, we can go further to help you to identify and work with  blockchain technicians, and to assist you to develop blockchain applications, in order to increase your effectiveness and improve your impact.